Whether in cargo loading systems for loading transport aircraft, in forklift trucks or as microdrives for electric seat adjustment in Business Class: Drive solutions from SycoTec can be found in numerous applications in the aviation and transport industry. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers rely on the efficient and powerful performance of our motor components, which function reliably even in the most extreme of environmental conditions.

Innovative drives for orbital drilling

Composite materials are found everywhere in the aerospace industry. Their main advantage is their low weight, but they are more difficult to machine than traditional materials. One solution here is orbital drilling, in which the tool drills spirally into the composite material. This makes the process especially gentle on materials and tools. At the same time, extremely precise and stable machining is possible. In order to make optimum use of the advantages of orbital drilling, we have developed the 4015 DC motor spindle family specifically for this application. Which, by the way, was awarded a 1st prize at the “Trophée 2016 Innovation Industrie Paris”.

Noise insulation with SycoTec

Carbon components are machined and given up to one million small holes for noise insulation in aircraft cabins. To make the process efficient, over twenty motor spindles are mounted in a multi-spindle system. With the 4020 DC, we provide aircraft manufacturers with a bespoke spindle for this process. It has a significantly reduced diameter, which makes a higher spindle density and tighter radii possible. An integrated tool stop ensures a fast tool change. And should a complete spindle have to be replaced, an externally mounted flange ensures simple and reproducible installation.

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