Special moments are part of our everyday business. We develop customised special solutions and electric motors for a wide range of applications in close collaboration with our customers. SycoTec’s high-frequency drives allow multifunctional milling machines to machine almost any material, rotate vibrationfree in mirror wheel drives, guarantee precise panel separation as well as seamless further processing of semiconductors in PCB routers and function reliably in the smallest space in dental and other special applications.

Electric motors with air gap winding

As a special solution for demanding tasks such as oil drilling, PCB machining or automated use in machine tools, electric motors with air gap development are particularly convincing thanks to their complete absence of detent torque. This enables very high speeds to be achieved with very low losses and little waste heat. The efficiency is reliably at least 97%, making it ideally suited for use underground or as a panel separator in the semiconductor industry.

Portable high-frequency inverters

For added flexibility, we have further developed some of our frequency inverters as worktop versions. The portable devices can be used directly where you need them without the use of an additional controller. All components required for autonomous operation, such as inverter, power supply, operating and display elements, as well as motor chokes in some cases, are already integrated into the device for reliable and gentle operation of your drives.

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