SycoTec offers you state-of-the-art stators and rotors, which are manufactured using innovative production processes. They can be used in AC asynchronous motors or DC synchronous motors. Please contact us for your customized solution.



SycoTec develops and produces high-quality stator solutions for various industries. With a focus on quality and customized solutions, the company offers innovative and efficient products for electric drive systems, motors and generators. Modern manufacturing technologies and sustainability approaches make SycoTec a reliable partner for successfully implemented projects.


We specialize in the development and manufacture of individual rotors that cover a wide range of requirements. Our range extends from small, delicate high-speed rotors to large, robust rotors with high torque. With us, you get customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Asynchronous motors AC

We offer motor components such as stators and rotors for asynchronous motors, which are used in various industrial applications. For this, they offer an efficient and reliable way to realize customer-specific requirements. Thanks to their robust design and good adaptability, they are suitable for a wide range of solutions.

Synchronous motors DC

Our customized motor components for synchronous motors meet the highest requirements for performance, efficiency and reliability. Thanks to these properties, they provide an optimal basis for their customized solutions in demanding application areas.

Turbo generators

Motor components from SycoTec can be installed in turbo generators, which are used in the field of renewable energies. Thanks to their high efficiency, they offer optimum properties for power generation.

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