Apprentice trip 2023

On Thursday, 07.09.2023, after a one-hour drive, we hiked up to the Neumayr Hut on the Grünten together with our instructors Mr. Berger, Mr. Brudny and Ms. Gempper from the HR department. There we met Andy and Patrick. They are the organizers of PERFECT JOY and accompanied us the whole day on our trainee excursion.

After arriving at the hut, we played as a whole team two games of getting to know each other and coordination, which strengthened us as a group. In the first game, a square was drawn on the ground, this represented a “cesspool” in the middle of which was a treasure chest on an island. The aim of the game was to reach the treasure chest only with the help of a mountain rope, without standing in the square or dropping the treasure chest there. After brief consideration, we came up with the idea of stretching the rope so that the lightest person could lean on it and be carried across the square. Another solution would have been to stretch the climber’s rope as a zig-zag and have the lightest person lean on it and be carried to the box. Both methods worked very well.

In the second game we had to form a square blindfolded. It was about trusting each other and listening well, because only one person could see from us and gave us instruction

For the games we were divided into two groups and competed against each other. All the tasks were about teamwork and communication. There were activities such as group skiing, pipeline, throwing rubber boots, string ball and building the “Leonardo da Vinci” bridge and among other things our artistic skills were tested.

Towards the end there was an award ceremony – the first placed team got a big bar of chocolate and the second team a small one.

Finally, we had lunch together at the Neumayr Hut. Afterwards we went down the Grünten and back home.

Thanks to this trip we got to know each other better and now we know how important communication is.

Text: Simon Würzer and Corinna Mößle; Photos: Anja Gempper and Philip Brudny

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