50100 AC-Duo

Reference number 2002 2222
Speed 50,000 rpm
Power max. 3.000 W
Torque max. 200 Ncm
Tool change Manual Wrench
ER16 (max. Ø 10.32 mm)

50100 AC-Duo

REF: 2002 2222 Category:

Discover the first-class HF motor spindle for industrial applications in CNC systems with outstanding parameters. Our high-frequency motor spindle offers precise performance, reliability and efficiency to meet the requirements of demanding manufacturing processes. Learn more about the optimal integration of this spindle into your CNC system and increase the productivity of your operation with state-of-the-art technology.

Technical data

Application Drilling, milling, grinding, engraving
Motor system 3-phase asynchronous motor
Speed range 5,000 – 50,000 rpm
Frequency 83 – 833 Hz
Voltage 230 V
Current S1: 13.1 A, max. 28 A
Torque S1: 100 Ncm, max. 200 Ncm
Power S1: 2,900 W, max. 3,000 W
Motor protection PTC-100℃
Weight 7.3 kg
Bearing system 4 x hybrid, lifetime lubricated
Run-out (taper) ≤ 1.0 µm
Chuck clamping range Ø 0.5 – 10.0 mm
Chuck type 2 x ER16
Tool change Manual (clamping/open-end spanner)
Tool cooling Spray cooling
Cooling system Integrated housing cooling
Protection category IP 55
Protected against dirt and cooling lubricant Sealing air
Housing material Stainless steel/aluminium
Sensoric Temperature sensor motor
Cable / plug type M23 / M23-QL
Inverter recommendation e@syDrive® TV 4538
e@syDrive® 4638


Dimensions motor spindle

Performance diagram


Accessories motor spindle

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  • Motor spindle collet chucks

    Collet chuck ER16

    Chuck type Dead length chuck
    Motor spindles 4064, 50100
  • Motor spindle clamping nuts

    Clamping nut ER16 M Ø 1.0-10.0mm

    Thread M19x1
    Collet chuck size Ø 1.0-10.0mm
    Motor spindles 4064, 50100
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  • Motor spindle clamping wrenches

    Clamping wrench E16 M

    Clamping nut ER16 M
    Thread M19x1
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  • Motor spindle inline filters

    Inline filter D6

    Connector Ø 6 mm (outside)
    Separation rate 2 µm
    Motor spindles 5045, 5060
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  • Motor spindle connecting cables

    Connecting cable M23

    Motor spindles 4040 DC, 4041 DC, 4060 AC/DC, 4060 ER, 4061 AC/DC, 5045 AC/DC, 50100
  • Motor spindle connecting cables

    Connecting cable M23-QL

    Motor spindles 4040 DC, 4041 DC, 4060 AC/DC, 4060 ER, 4061 AC/DC, 5045 AC/DC, 50100
  • Frequency inverters

    Frequency inverter e@syDrive® 4638

    Input voltage 230 V AC +-10%
    Output power 3,800 VA
    Motor type AC / DC
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