Spindle holder 4861

Clamping diameter Ø 60 mm
Connectors Ø 6 mm

Spindle holder 4861

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Our high-quality spindle holder, which functions as a clamping block and spindle cooler, is the ideal solution for applications that require efficient heat dissipation from spindle motors. Thanks to its precise design, the spindle holder ensures that your motor spindle is securely fastened, while the clamping block also provides stable fixation.

Aluminium Spindle holder:

Made from highly conductive aluminum, this clamping block offers outstanding thermal conductivity. This allows heat to be dissipated quickly and efficiently from the motor spindle to maintain an optimum operating temperature.

The optimized cooling fins maximize the surface area for heat dissipation and promote air circulation around the spindle cooler. This contributes to cooling efficiency and ensures a constant operating temperature for your motor spindle, even under demanding operating conditions.

Fields of application:

The aluminum clamping block is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • CNC machines
  • Robot arms
  • Laser cutting machines


Motor spindles

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