SycoTec is committed to social responsibility

“As a sustainable company, we are aware of the social responsibility at our Leutkirch site and are convinced that even small amounts can bring about change for the better. Our fundraising campaign aims to make a future-oriented contribution to improving life in the region, especially for the youngest generation.” emphasizes SycoTec Managing Director Andreas Köpf.

A sponsorship agreement was concluded with the Kinderchancen Allgäu foundation in 2023: The foundation can plan for a fixed donation of at least EUR 2,500 per year for the next 3 years. Ms. Michaela Lendrates, Project Manager of the Kinderchancen Allgäu Foundation, accepted the symbolic donation cheque and an Advent flower greeting.

From 2024, SycoTec employees will also have the opportunity to show voluntary and uncomplicated personal commitment: The “Starkmacher-Cent” campaign has been launched for this purpose. From January, the remaining cents up to EUR 10 will be deducted from the salary of all participating employees each month and bundled and transferred to the Kinderchancen Allgäu foundation.

Once again this year, EUR 2,500 went to the St. Anna Foundation in Leutkirch, which is using the donation for urgently needed therapy for a 9-year-old child who has been severely traumatized by violence in his family environment.

As part of an extended 5-year sponsorship, the Ursula Hospice in Leutkirch will receive financial support of EUR 1,000.

The Otl-Aicher-Realschule and the Grund- und Werkrealschule Wuchzenhofen, with which SycoTec has a long-standing educational partnership, were also supported again with school projects.

This year, we also supported the local charity Lions-Hilfe e.V. Leutkirch with the purchase of Advent calendars.

It is a matter of course for us to make our contribution in this way and we will therefore continue to be involved in the future.

(from left to right: Andreas Köpf, Michaela Lendrates)
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