SycoTec – Donating right now

“Especially now, in times of increased energy and living costs, it is important to set a sign for cohesion and support where it is also urgently needed in our immediate surroundings,” says SycoTec Managing Director Andreas Köpf.

As a globally renowned specialist in drive technology with strong regional roots, SycoTec is once again supporting a number of local social institutions in Leutkirch this year. For example, as part of the annual “Donation instead of Christmas presents” project, 2,000 euros each went to the Kinderchancen Allgäu foundation for its various projects that directly address the needs of children from financially weaker families, as well as to the St. Anna foundation to enable educational-therapeutic riding and for Christmas presents for the very children who cannot travel to their biological families at Christmas and therefore spend the holidays in their St. Anna residential groups.
Mrs. Lendrates, project manager of the foundation Kinderchancen Allgäu, accepted the symbolic donation cheque as well as an adventurous flower greeting.
The Ursula Hospice in Leutkirch will continue to receive financial support this year as part of an extended 5-year grant.
The Otl-Aicher-Realschule and the Grund- und Werkrealschule Wuchzenhofen, with which SycoTec has a long-standing educational partnership, continued to receive support for school projects.
SycoTec also supported the Lions-Hilfe e.V. support association this year with the purchase of Advent calendars.
For the aid transports to Ukraine organised by the Imeri Karate School, our employees diligently collected donations in kind and SycoTec contributed, among other things, to the fuel costs in the amount of 1,600 euros.

Michaela Lendrates, Andreas Köpf
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