Anyone who can impress a Swiss customer and world market leader in the precision and perfection-driven industry of cutter systems needs to come up with a good set of arguments. SycoTec did just this. Here is a statement by Oliver Zünd (CEO) and Mike Zünd (CEO):
“Zünd is currently the market leader in the area of tool cutters and plotters – an achievement based not least on our literal Swiss quality philosophy: We set high standards for productivity, precision and flexibility – even in the fast-paced market of digital cutter systems.
We also gauge our suppliers by this claim: The high development competence of SycoTec both in spindle construction and in the design of appropriate motor components and functional electronics supports the excellent performance of our cutters in terms of high cutting volumes, short processing times and reliable service life. The quality standard of SycoTec products therefore ensures the precision and robustness required for the 24/7 applications of our customers. Their above-average delivery reliability and prompt, reliable service have impressed us and complete the picture we have of them as an innovative first-class supplier. Development partnerships such as the one with SycoTec form the basis for Zünd remaining the number one choice for our customers in the future.”

SycoTec couldn’t put it any better. Other than offering interested companies the opportunity to develop and implement their drive solutions with our “drive”.

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