MAS GmbH in Leonberg has been developing tools and tool holders in the field of machining technology for more than 30 years. The machining experts with their typical Swabian inventive spirit pay special attention to optimum use of possible synergies. The integration of the SycoTec 4033 AC motor spindle into the MAS MEX system shows how this can work in practice. Use of this flexible motor spindle offers a number of considerable advantages:
Conventional high-speed spindles remain highly limited in their machining speeds in spite of high procurement and operating costs. In contrast, the 4033 AC substantially reduces the load on the main drive as well as wear on all affected components. This not only means lower operating costs but also shorter maintenance-related downtimes. The high motor spindle speed at the same time also permits shorter machining times in combination with excellent surface quality. All in all, the new MEX system genuinely boosts productivity. Or as MAS puts it: “We have not just optimised a lathe. By joining our forces with SycoTec, we have created an intelligent tool in a modern machining centre. The 4033 AC makes it possible to implement new tool concepts independently of machine manufacturer and type. Retrofitting existing systems is easily possible in most cases. The 4033 AC offers completely new possibilities in particular for multi-spindle lathes and their mostly restricted space conditions. In combination with our individual holders and machining tools, we can offer a comprehensive solution to our customers.”

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