Small changes that initially appear disadvantageous often end up being highly beneficial. A nice example are the new high-frequency inverters e@syDrive® 4624, 4625 and 4626. Their rapid market launch would probably never have taken place so quickly in the way it did without the discontinuation of components. But first things first.

Small cause, big effect

Our current high-frequency inverters e@syDrive® 4424, 4425 and 4426 have long enjoyed popularity thanks to their rugged, efficient and reliable motor control. Demand for them is high. In fact, there was no reason to make any changes at all – until key electronic components were suddenly discontinued. It was now time to act.
We were able to ensure our ability to make deliveries in the short term by building up stock levels. Despite this, the discontinuation of the existing model range was unavoidable in the medium term. So we are all the more delighted to announce that we will shortly be introducing the successor models – and with them a whole host of new features.

100 % in-house development

The high-frequency inverters e@syDrive® 4624, 4625 and 4626 are developed entirely to our requirements – both the hardware and the software. We know each screw, each capacitor and every single byte personally, so to speak. Customer-specific modifications can therefore be made without any problem. This has no impact on the proverbial ruggedness and reliability of the e@syDrive® high-frequency inverters.

More possibilities for everyone

Flexibility is the common core feature of the new series. For example, with the e@syDrive® 4624, it is now possible to change parameters sets and make adjustments to new spindles. The starting frequency has also been increased from 1,600 Hz to 4,000 Hz and the input voltage range expanded.
All models permit the saving of parameter sets on Micro SD cards. This does away with the need to connect the tool to a computer for configuration purposes.
The Android-capable interface and USB port enable completely new application scenarios. Consequently, the high-frequency inverters can now also be activated by smartphone or tablet. Operators who need a connection to a higher-level controller will be delighted about the optional connection via CAN-bus.
reater operational safety and even more exact spindle control are provided by the new Safe Torque Off (STO) devices. These ensure that torque-forming energy cannot have any effect on the motors when they are switched off.
Apart from the already mentioned replacement of discontinued components, other modern components such as processors are used. In the future, they will also ensure freely programmable datasets for AC and DC spindles as well as motor elements in a low-voltage design. And last but not least, the e@syDrive® 462x model series impresses with small dimensions and thus an even smaller space requirement, which opens up additional possibilities in restricted conditions.
All three models will be introduced this year. First up is the high-frequency inverter e@syDrive® 4624 in Q2 2016. Its two sister models will follow starting in Q4.

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