Upgrade for our motor spindle 4036 DC-T

Make something good even better: That’s the idea behind the new variant of our successful motor spindle 4036 DC-T. In order to expand the range of applications of this compact drive solution, the power pack is now available with an additional clamping system or alternatively with an integrated flange mount. Both models impress with a very high-power density, allowing them to deliver optimal results even in the tightest of spaces. Also new is the expanded collet range of up to 8 mm in diameter. This makes the compact high-power drive now even more versatile and suitable for a large number of industrial applications in metalworking and plastics processing – such as grinding, engraving and, in particular, deburring.

A summary of the main product features of the new models:

4036 DC-T-ER11

– very high-power density (max. 850 W) and mechanical loading capacity with a small size
– low weight of just 0.8 kg
– standard collets ER11 or ETS12.1
– suitable for tools with a shaft diameter of 1 mm to 8 mm

4036 DC-T-ER11-F

– diverse uses, thanks to machine implementation by integrated flange
– compact dimensions and high-power density despite cost-effective air cooling (no clamping block required)
– weighs just 1 kg

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