HF-Motor spindle 4033 AC-LN15

Maximum precision is based on perfection down to the smallest detail: The high-precision HF motor spindle 4033 AC-LN15 is specially designed for milling and drilling work in dental applications, circuit boards and rapid prototyping, and masters these tasks with outstanding flexibility. It is perfect when used in dry and wet areas, and is particularly impressive where things get really tight: Its longer shaft extends the processing volume to the smallest of spaces. The use of shorter tools also allows faster machining with no loss of precision.

High frequency inverter e@syDrive® 4638

High-speed applications place extreme demands on motors – but also on the upstream frequency inverter. The e@syDrive® 4638 has been specifically designed for this area of use. Its control technologies enable the operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors at extremely high speeds of up to 480,000 rpm, an output voltage of 200 V and an output power of 3.8 kW. The integrated STO function enables safe torque deactivation – also for sensorless DC drives.
Such high-speed motors are only able to tolerate low levels of warming due to the small rotor volume. Accordingly, the heating characteristics of the material must normally be considered when dimensioning the tool machines. However, the e@syDrive® 4638 ensures that problems of this kind never occur in the first place.
Of course, the main characteristics of such a “super athlete” are not only its performance, but also its flexibility: A range of interfaces make the e@syDrive® 4638 compatible with such ports as RS232, USB and Profibus, while up to 64 independently programmable motor parameter sets enable variable operation with a wide range of motors. The selection of the parameter sets can be coded via the digital inputs or alternatively via the integrated data interfaces.

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