Essential to the processing of materials is a steady hand – ideally that of a robot. The machinery manufacturer Rausch now supplies one for chamfering and deburring. For the next generation of GRATOMAT® deburring systems, Rausch dispenses with the previous linear axis guide of the GRATOMAT® pendulum head system. Instead, the GR 500 Robot deburring system relies on a six-axis jointed-arm robot in a lightweight design – for greater flexibility and simpler handling. This means that new components can be retooled for without expensive contour curve programming. This milling unit enables processing of the tops and bottoms of components.
SycoTec delivers the necessary power and robustness. The chamfering unit is electrically powered by our energy-efficient and speed-regulated HF motor spindle 4040 DC-S. If necessary, even a reversal of the rotational direction is possible with this one.

The quality of our spindles and the smooth collaboration with SycoTec also thrilled Philip Grobel, Managing Director of Rausch:
“The versatile combination of robot and motor spindle is especially interesting for manufacturers of small and medium-sized series with a wide range of parts. We are delighted to have found a partner in SycoTec who supplies an important assembly with its spindles and makes such an important contribution to the flexibility, precision and energy efficiency of the new Gratomat.”

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