Our high-tech motors and motor spindles lead the world in tool and special machines as well as in dental and medical technologies. But they’re just two of many applications. We’d like to show you below the diverse ways in which our products can be used.

Highly delicate work

True masters of the guitar are known for their incredible precision. They also expect this incredible precision from their instruments. Which is right where our motor spindles come in. In the PLEK process, for example, which improves the playability of guitars. This involves machining the frets with a precision of a hundredth of a millimetre using a grinding head. A difference so fine it can’t be seen – but certainly heard.

Full perspective

Of course, we don’t only give the world of sound a veritable benefit but also offer something for the eye. It has long been impossible to imagine Plexiglas machining without SycoTec. Distinctive light objects, aquariums and even submarine bells are ground and polished by our machines. Should you ever find yourself searching for something on the bottom of the sea, you too will retain a full perspective even in the dark, thanks to the high precision of our drives.

From valuable to simply beautiful

Elegant jewellery and luxury watches are guaranteed to come across not dark as but bright and shiny, premium brands made with the assistance of SycoTec top-spindle drives. Perhaps not quite so valuable but often no less delicate are the famous pieces of art known as Schwibbögen from the Erzgebirge region. Their artistic decorations, which enrich every Christmas market, are mostly machine milled nowadays. The high precision of our drives permits a wealth of detail that was almost impossible to achieve with traditional tools.

Knife edge

Of course, you can see the results of our work not just once a year but every day. Each time you shave, you benefit from the power and quiet running of our motors. Because that’s what makes your razor blades what they are: razor-sharp. Coarser, but no less precise, is when solid concrete walls have to be worked on at a later date. In this heavy-duty application, too, SycoTec motor elements ensure a clean cut, both with the torque-optimised main drive of the saw blade or core hole drill and with feed motors.

Clear edge

When something has clear corners and edges, you know the reason why. Whether it’s about the exact trimming of architectural models, the deburring of automotive trims or grinding in monument restoration projects – our motors give every specialist the certainty of being able to exercise his craft with the greatest possible precision. And we’re a bit proud of that.

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