Productivity, performance and precision: combined in two innovations.

SycoTec high-frequency motor spindles, with their high rotary speeds, ensure fast, balanced and exact machining of workpieces. They deliver enough power and torque to master sophisticated tasks with precision and reliability. The latest high-frequency spindles 4033 ER8 and 4036 DC-T from SycoTec are mainly noted for their excellent performance at low length and intrinsic weight.

High-frequency motor spindles 4033 ER8

SycoTec highlights are the two variants of the HF motor spindles 4033 ER8. Depending on the requirements, the model can be designed with a 3-phase asynchronous motor (Type 4033 AC-ER8) or a brushless DC synchronous motor (Type 4033 DC-T-ER8). The speed range for the DC synchronous motor is between 6,000 and 60,000 rpm, and for the asynchronous motor between 6,000 and as high as 100,000 revolutions per minute. The DC-T version achieves a particularly high output of up to max. 850 W in the low to medium speed range of 15,000 to 50,000 revolutions per minute.
Compared to the already established high-frequency motor spindles 4026 and 4029, the two new models are noted for handling up to three times the load at up to 200% higher maximum output. The relatively small mass to be moved and lower inertial forces provide additional leeway for highly dynamic
machining procedures for work that is as flexible as it is efficient. All this makes the high-frequency motor spindles 4033 ER8 the ideal choice for all applications requiring high forces with a short spindle length of just 103 or 129 mm.

High-frequency motor spindle 4036 DC-T

Another innovation is the high-frequency motor spindle 4036 DC-T, whose high dynamics and load-bearing capacity position it between our successful high-frequency motor spindles 4033 and 4041. The advantages of this model: A very low weight of just 1.3 kg, combined with a very high load-bearing capacity due to its four-bearing-design. Thanks to the small mass to be moved and the resulting low moment of inertia, this variant also enables efficient, highly dynamic work.
Compared to the similarly powerful but significantly longer high-frequency motor spindle 4041, the barely 195 mm-long spindle type 4036 DC-T is an attractive alternative wherever space is tight in the machine room.

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