The good and close collaboration with the INDEX Group is also evident in SycoTec’s fleet of machines. Two high-quality CNC sliding-head automatic lathes of the INDEX subsidiary Traub were procured in the latest round of investment: the TRAUB TNL 32 is used for the production of rotor shafts with deep hole drilling and for manufacturing the clamping jaws, while a TRAUB TNL 18 now supplements our production process in the area of Dental Drives. It is used for dental clamping systems, complex long turned parts and for shaft production.

And that’s not all. The new acquisitions worth EUR 1.25 million are also joined by a fixed headstock DMG Mori Sprint 65 for the production of spindle housings and bearing caps. Last but not least, the Components area now has an LVD press that allows bent parts to be manufactured much more quickly than before.

Despite all the differences in the detail, all of the new machines serve the same objectives:

  • Increase in productivity by 20-30%
  • Even higher quality and process stability
  • Shorter tool change times (chip-to-chip)
  • Higher step speeds, feed rates, etc.
  • Production of more complex parts

These objectives are additionally supported by the combination of all sliding-head machines in a uniform layout. Short distances and a clear layout make it possible for our employees to work even more efficiently. At the same time, the enhanced light and air conditions improve the working atmosphere.

Amongst colleagues, the enthusiasm is palpable. They are highly motivated and identify with the new technology. Machine operators, installers and programmers have since been trained on the new machines by the manufacturers so that they can get to work on them right away.

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