In addition to motor spindles and motor elements, SycoTec also manufactures special-purpose motors. Mirror wheel drives, such as those needed in optical measuring equipment, place particularly high demands on manufacturing precision. In some instances, very high speeds of up to 100,000 rpm are required. On the other hand, natural vibrations must be avoided as far as possible. To this end, SycoTec offers motors with air gap winding that guarantee virtually no cogging torque. Below, we present three applications that are based on these high-tech drives.

Rail measuring technology and train monitoring for greater rail traffic safety

Slipped loads pose a safety hazard in rail traffic. They can cause serious accidents, especially in stations or tunnels. In order to identify failings and acute hazards involving rolling stock, a German research institute has developed laser scanners for a measuring portal that record the geometrical shape of passing trains. The optical sensor system consists of four laser scanners mounted on two inspection masts to the left and right of the tracks. Extremely high measuring rates enable the train to be measured at normal speeds. A three-dimensional image of the train is produced which immediately shows geometrical anomalies such as slipped or protruding loads, loose tarpaulins, open doors, etc.

Laser direct exposure with high resolution

In the Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) process, a precisely focused laser beam hardens photosensitive materials. The process is used in areas such as the production of printed circuit boards and allows much higher resolutions than conventional imaging techniques.

Optical inline inspection for maximum speeds

Many products require a flawless coating or printing of the surfaces. The quality assurance process involves having to measure and assess very large numbers in a short period of time. Fully automatic, camera-based inspection systems have proven themselves ideal for this purpose. SycoTec mirror wheel drives ensure both rapid alignment and the required positioning precision. This enables, for example, the inspection of up to 1,500 m of tape stock per minute in real time. Through the unique combination of ruggedness and reliability, SycoTec drives are once again setting new standards in this area.

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