Where are we? Almost everywhere.

The same thing is heard in almost all industries: Whenever special tool drives are needed, SycoTec offers the right solution.
– Machine tool engineering: Series production with high batch sizes
– Machine tool engineering: Extreme accelerations on the turret head
– Dental/medical technology: Low compressed air supply in dental labs
– Transport/aerospace: Drilling in carbon

Industry: Machine tool engineering
Challenge: Series production with high batch sizes
Solution: SycoTec type 4040 DC-S-ER-DD motor spindle
For series productions with large batch sizes, such as automotive applications, even the smallest deviations can lead to problems of time and cost. Our products provide more certainty and a faster process cycle. This means that significantly higher cutting speeds and therefore machining volumes can be achieved by stabilising the tool with coolant delivered directly at the cutting edge and a better flow of chips out of the borehole. The SycoTec type 4040 DC-S-ER-DD motor spindle’s high speed of 50,000 rpm also makes it possible to adjust the cutting speed to small bore diameters.
In addition, small, self-powered high-frequency motor spindles in the tool holder offer a more flexible alternative to variants with complicated transmission drives or the much slower main spindle drives. They are quicker to set up and more affordable.

Industry: Machine tool engineering
Challenge: Extreme accelerations on the turret head
Solution: SycoTec type 4036 AC-ETS-HSK40 motor spindle
The accelerations and thus the traverse speeds at the turret head of the G160 in an INDEX turning and milling centre are much higher than on the previous machine. The result is a shorter machining period in the process, although this does require the high-frequency spindle to have much greater higher mechanical stiffness. In the fundamentally modified type 4036 AC-ETS-HSK40 motor spindle, we have therefore increased the number of hybrid ball bearings from 3 to 4 and used a direct HSK40 interface for fixing it to the machine turret. Experience with the series production of our dental contra-angle handpieces on this turning and milling centre shows that time savings of up to 30 percent can be expected.

Industry: Dental/medical technology
Challenge: Low compressed air supply in dental labs
Solution: SycoTec motor spindles with flexible taper cleaning from 4 to 6 bar
It used to be the rule that taper cleaning in motor spindles with a diameter of 33 millimetres was done with 6 bar of compressed air directed at the tool changer. In some dental labs, however, compressed air is supplied at a maximum of 5-6 bar. This can result in complications when opening the collets and changing the tool.
We have therefore extended the technical requirements for our CAD/CAM spindles. We now perform flexible taper cleaning at 4-6 bar for motor spindles with diameters of 33, 45 and 60 mm. Our spindles are also equipped with a collet fixed end-stop. This allows much easier handling when screwing in the collets. The result: A new standard of process certainty during automatic tool changes.

Industry: Transport/aerospace
Challenge: Drilling in carbon
Solution: Orbital drilling with the SycoTec type 4015 DC motor spindle – awarded 1st prize in the “Trophée 2016 Innovation Industrie Paris”
Composites are being used more and more frequently nowadays. The different materials also need new machining techniques, because classic spiral drills quickly lead to unsightly cracks and cause material to flake off. SycoTec offers an efficient and precise alternative for this in the form of orbital drilling. The process by which the tool drills into the composite in a spiral along a helical path is designed to protect materials and be cost-effective. Orbital drilling is especially used when maximum precision is required. In the aerospace industry, for example. Because the radius of the helical path allows an extremely precise and stable diameter to be set. The smaller axial forces also reduce the stiffness requirements for the overall system.

Incidentally: It was for this “Orbital Drilling” with the SycoTec type 4015 DC motor spindle that our French representative PRECISE France was awarded 1st prize in the “Trophée 2016 Innovation Industrie Paris” in May 2016. Congratulations!

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