The new high-frequency motor spindle 50100 AC-duo saves time and boosts productivity: Thanks to its two tool holders, it performs two different machining steps quickly and without the need to change tools. Holes of different diameters or milling and subsequent grinding of a workpiece – a piece of cake for the 50100 AC-duo spindle. The next tool is turned into position in a flash and the next machining step can begin. As the tools are fixed in precise ER16 holder systems, the motor spindle is noted for the familiar high precision of SycoTec. Moreover, it can be easily installed on industrial robots with the aid of an adapter.


The performance data of the 50100 AC-duo motor spindle promise excellent work results when used in tool making and for special-purpose machines as well as in applications of the automotive and aviation industries: The 3-phase asynchronous motor in sensorless operation provides a considerable S1 output of 3 kW, reaches up to 1 Nm of torque and does so at a top speed of 50,000 min-1. In order for everything to run smoothly in high-performance operation and not get hot, a powerful water cooling system is integrated into the housing for the motor element and ball bearing. By optimised adaption of SycoTec inverter e@syDrive® 4638 and the matching cooling device, it achieves even greater flexibility; it even provides for the cooling of the tool: Two separately controllable coolant nozzles are located on each machining side.

Extremely resilient

The four high-quality hybrid bearings of the high-frequency motor spindle 50100 AC-duo are designed to be particularly resistant to high speeds and constant use. The bearings are lubricated for life and therefore particularly maintenance-friendly. Another plus point for productivity: Thanks to its air seal the motor spindle 50100 AC-duo can also be fully utilised in extreme ambient conditions – and is thus protected against the ingress of coolant or lubricant and other materials in accordance with IP55.

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