“With its mindset “Only someone with clear values can shape the future”, Bosch works to seven different values. Every day, therefore, we develop solutions and products that enrich our everyday lives.
This guideline is pursued at the plant in Ansbach with total consistency. The improvement of assemblies requires constant further development of the production methods. The highly sensitive components of the control electronics for the airbag need particularly careful and controlled handling. The production process can give rise to electrostatic potential differences. which must be discharged in a targeted and controlled fashion. This electrostatic discharge for ESD for short prevents high electrical voltage surges that could damage the sensitive components.

The airbag is an important lifesaver for which there must be no compromises in matters of safety.
In collaboration with SycoTec. a system was quickly developed that immediately discharges any electrostatic potential differences that arise during the milling process.
The system was not only verified internally, but additionally approved by an external institute. The fascinating thing about it is that software can be used to monitor the flawless functioning of the system during the production process. The measured values are many times lower than required. This trendsetting solution can be transferred to other production lines without little effort or expense. In Ansbach. the conversion of additional lines has already been prepared. We are delighted that we have found a partner in SycoTec that not only answers our questions. but also works actively with us to develop innovative solutions for the future.”

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