The company Fukuda Corp., a trading partner for SycoTec in the Japanese market, is synonymous with longstanding and successful collaboration: Over more than 20 years of cooperation, we have established the products of SycoTec in the Japanese machine tool market, in turbo compressors and in the area of renewable energies.
Ryozo Fukuda, president and owner of Fukuda Corp., describes how he sees the partnership as follows:
“When I look back over the last 20 and more years, two things above all come to mind:
Firstly, SycoTec was the first partner with which we were able to establish Fukuda Corp. in the electrical engineering sector – namely the V22 of Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd., a renowned Japanese machine tool manufacturer. Up until that time, Makino had only used motors produced by one of the large motor manufacturers based in Japan. That made two impressions on the market right away: It helped us to build up a long-term partnership with our customer and at the same time sent shockwaves through the Japanese market that there was a foreign motor manufacturer like SycoTec, whose motors were smaller and also more powerful than locally made products. As a result of this customer relationship, we were visited at the next JIMTOF [Japan’s biggest industry exhibition] [größte Industriemesse Japans] by well in excess of 100 development engineers from the Japanese motor manufacturer whose product we had replaced at Makino and were bombarded with technical questions about SycoTec motor elements.
Secondly, SycoTec was always a great help to us by training and developing our employees on a total of over 50 visits to Germany.
Finally, it should be noted that Fukuda Corp. and SycoTec have created an excellent partnership and I very much hope that we can continue to cooperate with the same level of success for the next 20 and more years.”

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