The advantages at a glance

– Total absence of cogging torque
– Much quieter running
– High efficiency
– Maximum precision

Everything can be optimised. Even a concept as well understood as the electric motor. We already presented our new winding machine for air gap winding in UPDATE Edition 2/2016. Apart from the cost benefits of the more efficient production process, electric motors with air gap winding are above all noted for the total absence of cogging torque. It quite simply no longer occurs. This enables very high speeds to be achieved with very low losses and resultant waste heat. In the last few months, we have implemented a number of highly successful projects based on motors with air gap winding.

Down it goes: drilling deep holes

5,000 m line length, 150°C ambient temperature, plus the pressure of hundreds of metres of rock. There’s no question that oil wells pose extreme challenges. But because nobody wants to start drilling on the off-chance of striking it luckily, test drills for the exploration of rock and the possible existence of oil and gas are required. To this end, the motor transports the sophisticated sensor equipment deep into the borehole. Safe operation must be guaranteed even in the toughest of conditions. When designing our solution, it quickly became apparent that an air gap winding was the only answer. It not only delivers suitable high speeds but also guarantees the required efficiency of at least 97%

Cooler’s possible: Depanelisation in PCB routing

Machining circuit boards is a complex and demanding task – from PCB routing to depanelisation. Especially in the case of the latter, it must be ensured that the finished circuit boards are not exposed to any mechanical or thermal stress. A high-frequency motor spindle of type 4040 DC-S is available for this as it has very low losses and thus minimal introduction of additional heat. It is therefore ideal for use as a depaneliser.

Faster’s possible: Machine tools

Short machining and job times are the nuts and bolts of every machine tool. With the motor spindle of type 4015 DC-R-HSK63, we have optimised the underlying basic model for flexible and automated use in machine tools. The air gap winding ensures very quiet running across the entire range of speeds from 5,000 to 80,000 rpm. Even speeds of 100,000 rpm are briefly possible for light milling, drilling and deburring.

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