Innovative turbine manufacturers use individually designed motor elements from SycoTec to develop compact, rugged and low-maintenance generators that are noted for the highest levels of technological efficiency and economically low investments. Losses and industrial waste heat that have previously gone unused can be profitably recovered as electrical energy with a high degree of efficiency – sustainability par excellence.
SycoTec motor elements (5 kW – 175 kW) are installed in turbine generators for the recovery of heat in large combustion engines and of industrial waste heat. Other manufacturers in Europe specialise in industrial energy recovery in biogas facilities or in gas decompression in pipelines. This is where SycoTec motor elements from 5 kW – 600 kW are used.
The right motor elements for every application
Customised motor elements from SycoTec are individually tailored to each customer requirement, with an extremely wide range:
– Outer stator diameter of 10 – 400 mm
– Speed of up to 300,000 rpm
– Power output from 5 W – 600 kW
– Torque of 0.01 – 500 Nm
– Asynchronous or synchronous technology


SycoTec stators for (…almost) all voltage ranges (12 – 460 V) and environments
Optimised to installation conditions and operating mode, power density and industrial safety
Outer stator diameter sizes from 10 to 400 mm (…and bigger)


SycoTec rotors for maximum safety and extremely quiet operation
AC rotors in die cast aluminium, stucked or die cast copper design
BLDC/PMSM rotors with permanent magnets made from NdFeB or SmCo with brass, steel, GFR, CFR or PEEK armouring sleeves

Customised drives and complete motors:

One point of contact for your ideal solution
SycoTec develops and manufactures not only integrated elements but also tailored complete drives to suit your requirements. We work closely with you to select the right motor element technology and match the drive’s design to your specific needs. As a system supplier, we can also offer you the right control electronics as required. The wide range of the SycoTec e@syDrive inverter programme covers every motor technology used (ASM, BLDC/PMSM with/without position detection).
With our “one point of contact” principle for your best drive solution, you win right down the line – quality leading products, competent advice and reliable service.
SycoTec – drive competence from a single source.
SycoTec – drive competence from a single source.


– Mirror wheel drives for scanning surfaces at up to 100,000 rpm

Pumps / Compressors

– Media gap motors as an unsealed, axial feed pump
– Vacuum drives for leak search devices, up to 90,000 rpm


– Motors for air cargo loading systems, high torque (3.4 Nm) with lightweight construction (3.2 kg)


– Tension and deflector pulleys for thread guide, synchronous running through BLDC/PMSM
For specific drive inquiries, please discuss these with your SycoTec experts. We would be pleased to advise you in order to develop the ideal drive solution for your application – with an optimal technical design, high-quality materials and using the most cost-effective production technologies.

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